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Spartan Factory has a unique approach to nutrition management for individual results. We bring over 20 years of extensive experience to our members, including extreme body fat loss for bodybuilding competitors, special population, weight management, and muscle gains. We are familiar with different eating restrictions like, Vegan Diets, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, as well as other restrictive allergy requests. Spartan Factory nutrition is simple whether its basic calorie restrictions or detailed specific plans for specific results. You will find your answer at the Spartan Factory.

Body Composition

Here at the Spartan Factory we use a medically rated body assessment device that works through an internal digital data retrieval. Using 4 points of connection the BodyStat 1500MDD will give you the most accurate body fat and hydration reading you can get. The accuracy is comparable to Hydrostatic body assessments without the water and holding your breath in a tank. BodyStat 1500MDD is non evasive and can be done within about 5 minutes. Each time you have your test done, your data will be stored to your own personal file within the software and when you get your reports back each time all of your previous test readings will be saved and listed for your comparison. Make your appoint today for your Body Composition reading and start your own accountability by tracking your changes.

Heart Rate

Using the Team Polar Sports Management System, every time you visit the Spartan Factory for training with your H7 Polar heart rate monitor, you will know each minute of your workout what heart rate zone you are in. Our trainers watch the monitors and motivate you based on your session goals. This gives you, our client, peace of mind that your efforts are getting you somewhere. Also, it will show you how your fitness levels improve over time as your heart gets stronger and stronger.


At the Spartan Factory there are NO LIMITS! Our trainers are creative and open to all training styles. We offer personal one-on-one training, personal rehab sessions, small group training, and open gym share training. You will experience Basic Resistance, Plyometric, Cross Fit, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Core Strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular training. We test your body’s limits while respecting that everyone is at a different fitness level. Everyone will be pushed to change, without being pressured to OVER perform. Positive re-enforcement and encouragement is a staple at the Spartan Factory.

Our Community

Spartan Factory moto is “We are a fitness family” and we mean it. Many of our staff members are related and we spend the majority of our day at the Spartan Factory, so when you join us you too will be part of that family. We build close relationships with our members to build trust and friendship between trainer and client. Looking for a change in your body can be tough and a long road, but when you have a trustworthy friend by your side it makes it easier. We treat our members with respect and love. Pouring into our membership keeps our moto alive. Come visit our family and see for yourself.


Rehab can be a scary term. There are so many avenues to get therapy and rehab for a painful issue in your body. Whether it was a impactive accident, sports injury, or surgery rehab is needed it should be done with education and care. Our owner Moncef and PT Pam Gorke are skilled in progressive movements and myofacial release. These are just a couple of concepts they use to bring your body back to a pain free state. With education comes understanding, when you understand what is wrong with your body — you can accept the approach to heal much better and all fear is gone. If you are in pain, make an appointment for a assessment and let us impress you.

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Fitness Expert
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Personal Trainer
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Personal Trainer
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Personal Trainer
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Understanding and Motivating Midlife and Older Adults
Chronic Musculoskeletal Challenges and Exercise
The Fitness Professional’s Guide to Training Clients with Osteoarthritis
Exercise for Older Adults
Strength Programming for Older Adults
Boomers and Beyond: In-Home Training
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Nutrition Strategies for Fitness and Performance
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Lifestyle and Weight Management: Program Design
Fitness Professionals’ Guide to Sports Nutrition and Weight Management
TRX Suspension Training
Progress and Regress TRX Exercises for All Fitness Levels
Adjust Resistance and Stability for All Exercises
Cue and Correct Common Faults
Teach 2 Different TRX Group Class Formats
Design Group TRX Workouts to Fit Your Own Style
Cue Techniques for Group Class Settings
Properly Set Up and Use the TRX Suspension Trainer
TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training
Competently Demonstrate and Teach Back TRX Sports Medicine Exercises and Modifications
Learn Treatments for Common Injuries Through Case Scenario Formats
Provide Therapeutic and Preventative Exercise Applications for Common Musculo-Skeletal Injuries
Correctly Set Up and Use the TRX Suspension Trainer
Tri-Planar Kettlebell Training
Overview of the Nature of Tri-Planar Human Movement
Integration of Kettlebell Lifts Into Tri-Planar Movement
Correct Use and Teaching of Tri-Planar Kettlebell Exercises
Incorporating Movement Pattern Preparation Drills
Tri-Planar Kettlebell Exercises and Program Design
A Terrific Experience! I absolutely love working out now, thanks to my fabulous trainer Moncef, Christine and the wonderful individuals who work out at the Spartan Factory. I have been to several gyms over the years and worked with different trainers. Moncef is different. He truly cares about his clients and helping us to meet our goals. I have been working out with Moncef since mid-December and I already see the transformation in my body. I am much stronger, and I am achieving my desired results. He pushes you to push yourself. It's not easy, but it's worth it. He's like a partner, motivating you and when you get off track, he's there to get you going again. Unlike many gyms where you may feel intimidated, the environment here is definitely one of support. It's like a family, but newcomers are welcomed and embraced. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Spartan Factory to anyone serious about getting in shape and changing their life for the better.
Energetic atmosphere! The Spartan Factory creates an energetic atmosphere that is next to none. The trainers build your body and your soul through inventive exercises. They have created a positive change in my life! Highly recommend joining this family!
Nearly pain free, Going for rehab, enjoy receiving personalized service and encouragment, an energetic and positive environment. Interesting to watch the trainers come up with creative workouts for all tpyes of fitness levels. Definitely a place where you will feel accepted and able, no matter what your individual level may be.
Creative and Challenging! The Spartan Factory is a "fitness family" consisting of fitness levels ranging from people with rehab injuries to ones that train at a competitive level. The atmosphere is always enthusiastic and supportive and a MUST to experience. I started my journey with Moncef in September of last year. I was one with an injury that was causing me to have several issues/pain in my body. My workouts had become limited and I was forced to eliminate things that I enjoyed. Moncef is creative and energizing and makes everything challenging and fun! I have experienced less pain in my body and I have gained strength in the areas that I had lost (or never knew I had!) I am now doing the things I love to do! They honestly care about their clients and their progress no matter what their goals are. Everyone at The Spartan Factory has made me feel like family since day one! Why don't YOU come join our family?
Simply the Best, I started with Moncef and Christine at the Spartan Factory 15 months ago, and since then, have lost over 125lbs. I have also been able to stop taking my high blood pressure medication. Their training and nutrition knowledge have not only helped me lose the weight but have taught me a healthier, more active lifestyle similar to what I enjoyed in my youth. I now participate in 5k's, and my orthopedic surgeon is thrilled with the progress I've made with the help of the Spartan Factory! I have utilized the services of many trainers over the years trying to find the right combination that works - and these guys have it all! You won't be disappointed!
Simply best !!! I never experienced better care and services from anyone in my whole life, while looking for fitness experience. Level of quality and knowledge is simply the highest possible and I would strongly recommend to all of my friends.
AMAZING!!!!!! The way I can decribe Spartan Factory is AMAZING. The care that you are treated with, the knowledge you are taught, and the love you recieve is second to none. I have tried other personal training and fitness services and i have never been treated as well as I've been treated at Spartan Factory.
Challenging workouts in a supportive environment.. Moncef and the other fitness professionals at Spartan Factory are the best at providing challenging and inventive workouts for all types of individuals at every skill level. The environment is friendly, supportive and energetic- where all the clients and trainers interact comfortably with eachother. In short- the people at Spartan Factory actually make me look forward to working out!
Total Package, When I think of personal training, I think of the big gym with trainers that are just there to get make the sale and get their commission checks each week. That is not the case at The Spartan Factory. They really care about your success and helping change you inside and out. Even though I sometimes am, I never feel like the "fat" girl around all the other beautiful bodies. They are always uplifting, positive and encouraging. Other clients, that I don't even know, will walk by and say something to keep me going. I have not been able to make the breakthrough yet, but I know with the help of the team at the Spartan Factory, I can and will be successful.
Home Away from Home, The Spartan Factory and clients are like an extended family. The energy and positivity you feel there is like nowhere else! EVERYONE is accepted into this family and support is all around you. Escape from the ordinary come to the Spartan Factory!!...
From chubby to the stage! Spartan Factory isn't just an ordinary gym, it's an amazing organization with the ability to transform and change people's lives behind anyone's expectations. They helped me start my new journey from a chubby girl to the stage for fitness figure competition.
From rehab to trophy wife! I went for rehabilitation. When I met with Moncef, three years ago, I was using a walker to get around. I have a 28 degree curve in my spine, scoliosis, and degenerative disks. The doctors said I would have to live with pain and deal with limited mobility. THEY WERE WRONG! I live pain free, no pain killers and I look great. It was a lot of work, but with the trainers and counseling at the Spartan Factory, it was an easy path to follow. I love being a part of a community that works together for a common goal. They have taught me to take care of myself properly. The nutrition counseling is fabulous; my daughters now emulate the healthy eating habits I model in my home. Oh, and just so you understand, I have been married 20 years…my husband cannot get over the “new” trophy wife he has. He even books trips to beaches just to get me in a bikini!
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