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Positive Challenges Designed for You

These challenges are designed to provide you with more fitness knowledge, a strong support system from your assigned personal coach, and a valuable reward if you rise to the top in any of our categories. All challenges are placed during key months throughout the year that many people connect to in thinking about making a change in their body. All we ask from you is to be positive and support others. Every challenge involves signing Up on time, engaging with your assigned challenge coach, and simply following the instructions of each challenge. These are key components to being successful in any goal for change.

The Reward System

The challenges are designed to be a give back to our members and our community. We do collect entry fees however, they are entirely for the benefit of our contestants who rise to the top in any one of our five categories. All categories are designed to meet a wide spectrum of goals. Whether your goal is as simple as weight loss or just being disciplined enough to follow through with an organized commitment. Our challenges will teach everyone something about themselves they didn’t know before participating.